We service all 50 U.S. states and 27 countries.  Reserve Your Group Training Class Now!

Quality Assurance Promise & Lowest Price Guarantee. Lifeguard-Pro let's you, the employer or group organizers, affordably host your group Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, and CPR & First Aid training classes at your facility on the date you reserve! With Lifeguard-Pro, you will no longer have to endlessly search for Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor or CPR & First Aid certification classes in your local area. No more will you have to depend on unreliable vendors offering inconvenient training locations and impossible schedules. No more cancelled classes. No more undocumented training and quality assurance problems. No more unnecessary costs.  Lifeguard-Pro is the answer you've been looking for. Our ultra convenient scheduling, Quality Assurance Promise and LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE can't be beat!

Online Home-Study & 1 Day In-Person Training at Your Facility. Lifeguard-Pro makes certifying your group super easy and ultra convenient. Your group members will complete our comprehensive online Home-Study Course in the comfort and convenience of their own homes, while working at their own pace. Then, on the date that you reserve, Lifeguard-Pro will send professional instructors to your facility to affordably and conveniently conduct your intensive 1 day In-Person Training Session. The Lifeguard-Pro training model is the most convenient Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor certification program anywhere. Perhaps even more importantly, the Lifeguard-Pro Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor certification program thoroughly and legally documents all training completed by each participate in your group. Documented proof of all training successfully completed provides a quality assurance guarantee, and better protects the employer with the ability to defend itself in the event of a costly lawsuit. Did we mention that our incredibly convenient and thoroughly documented certification program comes with a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE? Isn't it time you upgraded to Lifeguard-Pro and saved yourself time & money?



Benefits & Group Price Options

Employers & Group Organizers


Discover the Benefits of Lifeguard-Pro
Employers around the World Choose Lifeguard-Pro


Nationally & Internationally Recognized
American-Camp-Association-WSI-Lifeguard-Certification-CoursesAccepted by All U.S. States & Governments around the World. Lifeguard-Pro is widely regarded as a world leader in water safety & rescue training. We offer nationally and internationally recognized lifeguarding, water safety instructor, CPR & first aid certification courses. Unlike our competitor, we do not use volunteer instructors to reduce our costs at your expense. We guarantee your lifesaving courses will be taught only by professional instructors. We service all 50 U.S. states; America's 300 largest cities; and, up to 27 countries around the world -- so, wherever you are, we're nearby!

Recognized by American Camp Association (ACA). Lifeguard-Pro certifications are accepted by all 50 U.S. states across the country, and  also recognized by the ACA for use in all 50 U.S. states. We are an official business affiliate of the ACA that has serviced ACA members across the U.S.A. for years. Lifeguard-Pro is a name you can trust!

We attend numerous ACA Conferences across the country teaching ACA member how to upgrade their staff safety training to better protect against legal and financial disaster stemming from a drowning or injury occurring at their facility. Let our experience be your benefit! 

Leading Youth Camp Organizations. Not only does Lifeguard-Pro service the ACA, the largest and most influential youth camp organization in the nation, we also service camps from many other well-known organizations, such as YMCA, Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, Easterseals, American Diabetes Foundation, Christian Camps Association, Jewish Camps Association, numerous regional youth camp organizations, various state youth camp organizations, and many private youth camp organizations. Lifeguard-Pro is undoubtedly a favorite among America's youth camps!

National & Local Swim Schools. Lifeguard-Pro services the largest swim school franchise program in the nation; as well as, many of the other top swim schools. These seasoned aquatics professionals see Lifeguard-Pro as a better and more convenient option for professionally training their lifeguards, water safety instructors, CPR & first aid candidates. They've upgraded to Lifeguard-Pro. Isn't it time you upgraded too?

Prominent Employers. Lifeguard-Pro trains lifeguards, water safety instructors, CPR & first aid candidates for some of the nation's most prominent employers in the aquatics industry, such as, States, Counties, Cities, Towns, Resorts, Water Parks, Beaches, Aquatic Centers, and more.  Why do all of these prominent employers prefer Lifeguard-Pro? Isn't it time you found out?

Military Bases around the World.  Lifeguard-Pro has provided lifeguard, water safety instructor, CPR & first aid safety training to U.S. military bases around the world, and the United Nations Multi-National Peace-Keeping Forces Military Bases. If the world's military bases trust Lifeguard-Pro with their safety training, shouldn't you?

Outstanding Benefits. Several of our most popular group training benefits include:

  • Online Preparatory Home-Study Course;
  • One-Day (12 hour) In-Person Training at Your Facility;
  • Certifications Delivered Immediately at End of In-Person Training;
  • Better Customer Service (9am-9pm EST, 7-days a week, and FREE phone and live chat service for international students); and,
  • Best Price Guarantee.

Let's us show you why so many of your peers across the country and around the world choose Lifeguard-Pro.


Online Home-Study Course
More Convenient. Our certification courses all include a comprehensive online preparatory Home-Study Course that your candidates can complete from anywhere in the world prior to arriving at facility.

Better Training. Our Home-Study Course is about 10 times more comprehensive than that of our competitor. We do not offer a course simply to make it easy for the lifeguard or water safety instructor candidate. We represent your interests and we guarantee that your candidates are trained to superior standards.

Cuts In-Person Training Time in Half. Take advantage of our comprehensive online Home-Study Course. Your candidates will already be 50% completed with their certification courses when they arrive at your facility.  Better train your candidates and cut required in-person training time in half!

Legally Document Your Staff Training. All of your candidate's online training activities are tracked and recorded for your benefit to better protect you in the event of a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury lawsuit against your facility. In the event of a lawsuit against your facility, you will likely be required to provide extensive documentation detailing your precise staff training to prove that your staff was trained and certified in accordance with industry regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, state laws, state regulations,  your insurance policy requirements, and the published training requirements of your certification company. Our competitor's certification courses do NOT document the precise training provided to your staff, which can create a very expensive legal problem for you. Failure to precisely document your staff knowledge and training can create a hazard to your patrons, and even put your facility out of business!

Fortunately for you, all Lifeguard-Pro courses require every certification candidate to turn every page of each textbook, answer approximately two questions per page, view every video from start to finish, and answer every exam question with a total 90% correct score or higher. And, we document all of it in your candidates' records so that you can prove that your staff was meticulously trained to comply with all industry regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, state laws, state regulations, your insurance policy requirements, and the published training requirements of your certification company.

Ignorance is Not a Legal Justification. Most employers don’t know they may be legally ordered to provide documentary proof of all knowledge and skills taught to their staff during their staff's safety training and certification process. Most employers discover that they should have legally documented the safety training and certification process only after a court has order them to produce records that they do not have. Let Lifeguard-Pro protect you with thoroughly documented staff training!

Lifeguard-Pro was specifically designed to better protect your youth camp in the event of a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury lawsuit. We thoroughly document your staff training to better legally protect you. Don't let poor quality safety training documentation jeopardize the continued existence of your facility. Let our experience be your benefit!


One-Day In-Person Training at Your Facility
American Camp Association WSI & Lifeguard Certification CoursesProfessional Instructors Come to Your Camp. Unlike our competitor, we do not use inexperienced, seasonal, or volunteer instructors to conduct your staff's lifesaving training, just to save us money. Rather, we believe that your staff's lifesaving safety training should be provided only by experienced, professional rescue instructors. After all, the quality of your staff safety training can have life and death consequences to your patrons, and catastrophic financial consequences to your business. That is why we send only experienced, professional instructors to your facility to train your staff. Don't you agree that your safety training should be conducted by experienced, professional instructors?

We Provide Training at Your Camp. After successfully completing our comprehensive online preparatory Home-Study Course, your staff will be fully prepared to participate in a comprehensive ONE-DAY (12 hours) in-person training session at your facility. The in-person training session usually begins in the early morning and continues to the end of your staff's work day (or a little later, as necessary). During our ONE-DAY (12 hours) in-person training session at your facility, our experienced, professional instructors, will lead your staff through all the physical skills required for certification. Each candidate will successfully perform each required physical skill no less than 3 times, while under the direct supervision of our instructor. Our competitor requires candidates only to successfully perform each required skill once. Lifeguard-Pro elevates the industry standard for lifeguard training!

We train at your facility, so that your staff can be trained in the environment in which they will be working. Training at your job site and practicing your facility’s Emergency Action Plan and Standard Operating Procedures undoubtedly make better lifeguards and a safer swimming area. We believe it is simply a poor risk management solution to employ lifeguards that have been generically trained at a far away location by an unknown (possibly volunteer) instructor, when the quality of their training can be the difference between life and death for your patrons. Quality safety training saves lives and protects your business from lawsuits!

Students Unable to Pass Course. We understand that you may have a significant investment in your staff. You may have even hired them from outside of the U.S.A. We respect that you may not be able to easily replace staff members, if they fail the course. Therefore, if a candidate is unable to successfully complete all course requirements during the scheduled class, our staff will work with the challenged candidates for up to an additional 4.0 hours to help them improve their performance so that they can satisfy all certification requirements. If after additional instruction the candidate is still unable to satisfy all course instructions, the candidate will be invited to participate in any neighboring training session at no additional charge. Lifeguard-Pro works for you!

Reserve Your In-Person Training Date. Not only do we send experienced, professional instructors to your facility to conduct your staff required safety training, we do it on the date you reserve. That's right, you can have us professionally conduct your staff safety training at your facility on the date you reserve. Lifeguard-Pro services all 50 U.S. states, and up to 27 countries around the world. So no matter where you are, we're nearby!

Lifeguard-Pro services so many businesses across the country and around the world, and most of them open for business at the same time (May & June). Consequently, we sell out every year from March 1 - July 31. So, if you are considering using our services, please book early. Don't miss this great opportunity!


Better Training
ACA Recognized National Lifeguard Youth Camp Certification. We all know that youth camps present unique aquatic hazards and risks to campers; and, there are specific laws, regulations, rules, and standards that dictate the legal operation of youth camp aquatic facilities. Yet,  there has never been a nationally recognized lifeguard certification course that trained candidates to identify and respond to these unique youth camp hazards and risks, and comply with these specific youth camp operating laws, regulations, rules, and standards. Since you are being held responsible for your staff being able to effectively prevent and respond to the unique aquatic hazards and risks of a youth camp, comply with youth camp operating laws, regulations, rules, and standards, doesn't it make sense to train your  staff to these requirements? Lifeguard-Pro creates better youth camp lifeguards!

FREE Upgrade to Lifeguard-Youth Camp Certification. For FREE, we upgrade all of your Lifeguard-Swimming Pool and Lifeguard-Waterfront staff certifications to the only ACA Recognized Lifeguard-Waterfront + Youth Camp certification. The national Lifeguard-Waterfront + Youth Camp certification includes all of the training of the Swimming Pool and Waterfront courses, plus the ACA specific Lifeguard-Youth Camp training to make your aquatic staff better prepared to prevent and respond to youth camps hazards and risks, and comply with applicable youth camp operating laws, regulations, rules, and standards. A lifeguard specifically trained to work in a youth camp is undoubtedly a superior risk management choice over a generic lifeguard. Isn't it time you upgraded to the ACA recognized national Lifeguard-Youth Camp certification? The upgrade is FREE for licensed youth camps!

Specialty Lifeguard Certification Courses. Lifeguard-Pro leads the lifeguard industry in offering more specialty lifeguard certification courses than any other nationally recognized agency. We offer 6 specialty lifeguard courses. Lifeguard-Pro does not believe in the old-style lifeguard training, where one course is optimal for all aquatic environments. That is the program of yester-year. Rather, we believe in a more modern approach. Lifeguard-Pro holds that a lifeguard specifically trained to prevent and respond to emergencies in the precise aquatic environment in which they work will be better prepared to protect the public and avoid lawsuits for their employer. That is why Lifeguard-Pro makes sure that your staff is trained to the exact needs of your aquatic facility by letting you select from 6 different lifeguard certification courses: (1) Lifeguard-Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.); (2) Lifeguard-Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.); (3) Lifeguard-Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.); (4) Lifeguard-Waterfront; (5) Lifeguard-Youth Camp; and, (6) Lifeguard-Water Park. Shouldn't you specifically train your staff to prevent and respond to emergencies in your facility?


Certifications Delivered Immediately at End of Training
We provide you with all of your staff certification cards immediately at the end of training, and before our instructor leaves your property! No more waiting for certification cards. No more running the legal risk of opening your aquatic facility before you have all of your staff certification cards in hand. Lifeguard-Pro protects you better!


Better Customer Service (9am-9pm EST, 7-Days a Week)
We provide all customer services to your candidates, so that your business administrators can concentrate on other important facility business. We of course offer customer service via email. In addition, we offer customer service telephone support from 9am-9pm EST, 7-days a week. We know many employers recruit their staff from outside of the USA, and we’re prepared to help you. For your international students, we provide a FREE international phone number, live text chat, and live video chat support from anywhere in the world! Lifeguard-Pro is prepared to conveniently and professionally service your staff, no matter where they're located around the globe. Let's get started!

Book Early - We Sell Out Every Year from March 1 – July 31.


Best Price Guarantee
Select Your Price from any of Our 3 Incredible Plans



This pricing option is extremely competitive and convenient. We service so many aquatic facilities across the country and around the world that we offer certain industries this special discounted rate. Contact us to see if you qualify for this special industry discount. This discount guarantees you that you are receiving the same steeply discounted price as your industry peers. Discover why so many of your peers choose Lifeguard-Pro!

Isn’t it time you joined your peers and upgraded to Lifeguard-Pro?



National Group Discount
price per student

Includes Textbooks, Videos, Exams, Forms, and In-Person Training on the Date You Reserve!


   20% Off  30% Off  40% Off 50% Off
 Lifeguard-Pro Certification Course  1-5
 Lifeguard-Shallow Pool (max 5’)  $319  $279  $239  $199
 Lifeguard-Swimming Pool (max 12’)  $359  $314  $269  $224
 Lifeguard-Deep Pool (max 20’)  $383  $335  $287  $239
 Lifeguard-Waterfront  $383  $335  $287  $239
 Lifeguard-Waterfront + Youth Camp  $383  $335  $287  $239
 Lifeguard-Water Park  $383  $335  $287  $239
 Lifeguard Re-certification  $239  $209  $179  $149
 Lifeguard-Deep Pool Add-On  $239  $209  $179  $149
 Lifeguard –Waterfront Add-On  $239  $209  $179  $149
 Lifeguard-Youth Camp Add-On  $239  $209  $179  $149
 Lifeguard-Water Park Add-On  $239  $209  $179  $149
 Lifeguard Instructor (pre-requisite Lifeguard)  $490      
 Water Safety Instructor  $399  $349  $299  $249

 Water Safety Instructor Trainer (pre-requisite WSI)

 CPR  $ 69  $ 59  $ 49  $ 45
 First Aid  $ 69  $ 59  $ 49  $ 45
 CPR & First Aid  $ 99  $ 89  $ 79  $ 69
 Prices Listed are Prices Per Candidate

Price Not Low Enough?
If the National Group Discount isn't a low enough price for you, choose from one of our other incredible price options.

  • Inflation Buster (90% of whatever you paid our competitor last year for your staff training); and,
  • Lowest Price Guarantee (90% of the lowest priced publicly available course in your local area).

You deserve the best safety training, and Lifeguard-Pro is dedicated to making sure you can afford it!

Lifeguard-Pro will never be unsold by its competitor.

Lifeguard-Pro Promises You the LOWEST PRICE - GUARANTEED!



This price option guarantees that your safety training cost will be LESS THAN LAST YEAR! This price option guarantees that your price will only be 90% of whatever you paid our competitor last year.

To be qualify for this outstanding option all you have to do is simply provide us with the verifiable invoice for your training last year. Lifeguard-Pro guarantees you a lower price!

Lifeguard-Pro will only provide training that is in full compliance with all ACA standards, state law, state regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, and common insurance requirements.

In an effort to reduce training costs, many ill-advised businesses hire safety training instructors that violate many of the above regulations, laws, and requirements by:

  • Shortening the duration of the the required safety training to such a short length that it violates the certifying company's legal training requirements; and/or,
  • Inflating student-to-instructor ratios to a ratio that exceeds the certifying company’s legal training requirements.

For example, if you are using the American Red Cross Lifeguard Waterfront certification course, your instructor must spend a minimum of 32.0 hours in-person with your candidates, and limit class size to 10 candidates to 1 instructor. If you violate these American Red Cross published safety training standards during your staff training, you can be held negligent and in violation of ACA standards, state law, state regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, and your insurance policy; and, in the event of a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury lawsuit, the court can hold you negligent, and your insurance company can deny your insurance claim, which all too often is the end of the aquatic business. Most employers don’t understand the dire consequences of violating safety training requirements, until it is too late. Let our professional experience be your benefit!

Consequently, Lifeguard-Pro will only price match safety training that is conducted LEGALLY. We will not discount prices to a level that wins your account, but puts the survival of your entire business in jeopardy. Lifeguard-Pro guarantees affordable safety training that is in FULL COMPLIANCE with ACA standards, state law, state regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, and common insurance requirements. Lifeguard-Pro protects you better!

[Note our industry-leading, comprehensive, online, preparatory, Home-Study Course enables us to LEGALLY shorten the required in-person time for Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor courses to about ONE-DAY (12 hours). That saves you time and money, enhances the quality of your training, and fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations! Isn't it time you joined your peers and upgraded to Lifeguard-Pro?]



This price option guarantees that Lifeguard-Pro will provide LEGAL safety training to your group at a lower price than our competitor. That’s right…Better Training and Better Convenience at a Better Price!

With our LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE you will only pay 90% of the lowest priced similar safety training course in your local area.

Requesting your LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE from Lifeguard-Pro is simple. Just email your request to us with the link to our competitor’s publicly advertised course. It’s that easy!

Lifeguard-Pro promises the highest quality safety training at the LOWEST PRICE - GUARANTEED!

To qualify for this outstanding price guarantee, our competitor's course that you are requesting us to price-match must be:

  • In full compliance with all ACA standards, state law, state regulations, U.S. Department of Labor regulations, and common insurance requirements;
  • The same course as the Lifeguard-Pro course; and,
  • Available to the public.

We have no doubt that once you upgrade to Lifeguard-Pro, you’ll discover why so many of your peers happily choose Lifeguard-Pro.


Better Training - Better Convenience - Better Price - Guaranteed
We Sell Out Every Year from March 1 – July 31


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