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Lifeguard Instructor Certification | Be a Specialty Lifeguarding Instructor

Lifeguard Instructor Certification Permits You to Train Specialty Lifeguarding Courses.  When you become a Lifeguard Instructor for Lifeguard-Pro, you can train more Specialty lifeguard training courses than with the other lifeguarding training company. Advanced specialty training simply means better training; and, results in Lifeguards that are more likely to be able to prevent and respond to real-life emergencies. Better trained Lifeguards means fewer accidents, fewer drownings, and fewer lawsuits. Our Lifeguard Instructors can teach all of the following Lifeguard certification courses: Lifeguard - Shallow Pool (max depth 5 ft.), Lifeguard - Swimming Pool (max depth 12 ft.), Lifeguard - Deep Pool (max depth 20 ft.), Lifeguard - Water Park, Lifeguard - Waterfront, and Lifeguard - Youth Camp. 


Become a Lifeguard Instructor  |   More Training Options for Lifeguarding Instructors

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