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Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Deep Water Pool (Diving Well) Lifeguard Course

Lifeguard Certification Agency offers Lifeguarding Course for Deep Water Pools (Diving Wells with Max Depth 20 ft.).  Lifeguard-Pro created the first Specialty Lifeguarding course for Deep Water Pools (i.e., diving wells and pools with depth greater than 12 ft.). Lifeguard-Pro identified the unique and extreme risk created by Deep Water Pools, and that no existing Lifeguard training courses specifically certified Lifeguards to safely supervise these types of pools. As a result, patrons of Deep Pools were exposed to unnecessary hazards, and aquatic facilities with Deep Pools were exposed to extreme legal liability. Lifeguard-Pro has solved the hazard of operating Deep Water Pools! That is why univerisites, colleges, high schools, swim schools, and operators of competition swimming pools with diving wells frequently choose Lifeguard-Pro to train their Lifeguarding staff.


Lifeguard Certification Agency  |  Lifeguarding Course for Deep Water Pools (Diving Wells)

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