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As an international leader in aquatic risk management, Lifeguard-Pro already provides lifeguard training services to countless successful businesses around the globe, such as:

  • Swim Schools
  • Swimming Events
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Swim Teams
  • Summer Camps
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Swim Clubs
  • Water Parks
  • Private Swimming Areas
  • Swimming Organizations
  • Aquatic Facilities
  • Government Beaches
  • Swim Camps
  • Public & Private Schools
  • And, many more…





  1. Experience. Lifeguard-Pro has been faithfully helping Swim Schools meet their business insurance compliance obligations for over two decades.
  2. Lowers Training Costs. Lifeguard-Pro can cut Swim School lifeguard training and certification costs almost in half.
  3. More Control. Lifeguard-Pro can train Swim School staff as lifeguard instructors, so they can certify their own employees as lifeguards, and thereby give the Swim School more control over their human resources and insurance compliance responsibilities.
  4. More Convenience. Lifeguard-Pro can increase business operation convenience by enabling Swim Schools to train their own lifeguards when it is most convenient for the Swim School.
  5. More Employee Candidates. Lifeguard-Pro broadens the Swim Schools' pool of employee candidates by training employees as Shallow Water Lifeguards, which is a course that has an easier to satisfy swimming requirement; thereby enabling the Swim Schools to consider more applicants for employment--not just applicants that are fit and very strong swimmers. We make staffing a Swim School with qualified and properly certified swim instructors so much easier!
  6. More Corporate Revenue. Lifeguard-Pro can create a brand new revenue stream for Swim School corporate owners by enabling the Swim School corporate owner to resell Lifeguard-Pro lifeguard courses and/or lifeguard instructor courses to its franchisees and/or the public.
  7. More Franchise Revenue. Lifeguard-Pro can create a brand new revenue stream for Swim School franchisees by enabling Swim School franchisees to resell Lifeguard-Pro lifeguard certification courses to its employees and/or the public.
  8. Decreases Payroll. Lifeguard-Pro will decrease Swim School payroll by obligating lifeguard candidates to complete 50% of the required lifeguard course at home on the internet when the candidates are NOT on the Swim School franchisee payroll.
  9. Saves Time. Lifeguard-Pro will save Swim Schools money by decreasing the in-person lifeguard training time from the traditional 24 hours (3-4 days) to about 8-12 hours (one day).
  10. Saves Money. Lifeguard-Pro will save Swim Schools time, money, travel, pool rental costs, labor costs, and prevent business interruptions with our quick & easy online Home-Study Courses.
  11. Creates Value. Lifeguard-Pro helps Swim Schools' current and prospective franchisees easily meet their staff lifeguard certification insurance requirements; thereby enabling Swim Schools to advertise and sell a complete turn-key staff training solution. This turn-key staff training solution necessarily increases the sale value of all Swim School franchises.
  12. More Profitable. Lifeguard-Pro has years of experience making Swim Schools more profitable, and easing their lifeguard insurance requirement burden. In fact, Lifeguard-Pro is the lifeguard training choice for many successful Swim Schools across the nation and around the world.
  13. Nationally Recognized. Lifeguard-Pro is a nationally recognized safety training company that can solve your lifeguard training requirements across the United States.
  14. Internationally Recognized. Lifeguard-Pro is an internationally recognized safety training operation that can solve your lifeguard training requirements around the globe.
  15. Highest Training Standards. Lifeguard-Pro employs the highest training standards in the lifeguard training industry, and teaches the universally accepted American Heart Association courses for CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens.
  16. Immediate Temporary Certifications. Lifeguard-Pro minimizes your business interruptions by creating immediate temporary certifications for lifeguards, so employees can immediately commence working, while they are waiting for their physical certification cards to arrive in the mail.
  17. Tracks Expiring Certifications. Lifeguard-Pro provides an optional service to better protect your business from unnecessary legal liabilities and insurance defaults by automatically tracking the expiration dates of all lifeguard employees, and notifying the employees by email, text and/or phone before the employee's required certification expires.
  18. Online Database. Lifeguard-Pro provides the first online international database for lifeguard certification verification to ensure employers that employees do not submit expired, fraudulent or forged certification cards to the employer, which creates serious legal liabilities and frightening insurance gaps in coverage for the employer.
  19. Freed from American Red Cross. Many individuals say that they are thankful that Lifeguard-Pro enables them to finally free themselves from the frustratingly oppressive strangle-hold that the uncompromising and inconvenient American Red Cross bureaucracy has over their employee training needs.
  20. Many More Benefits. Lifeguard-Pro boasts many more benefits. Make your lifeguard risk management and insurance compliance problems a thing of the past. Let our proven expertise contribute to the success of your Swim School business.


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