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Youth Camps - It is now easier to obtain your local staff safety training for…



ACA Recognized Training Agency. Lifeguard-Pro was recently added to the list of ACA Recognized training agencies. Lifeguard-Pro services over 290 metropolitan areas across the country. It is now easier for youth camps to obtain mandatory staff safety training.

No more searching for available local safety training classes!

Lifeguard-Pro is Your ACA Solution


Lifeguard-Pro will Travel to Your Camp to Train Your Staff.  Simply select your training dates and book your training reservation. Lifeguard-Pro instructors will travel to your camp to professionally and affordably train and certify your staff.

Satisfying your safety training requirements is now easier than ever!

Lifeguard-Pro is Your Youth Camp Solution


Certify Your Manager as an Instructor. Lifeguard-Pro can even train and certifyyour manager as a Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Instructor Trainer or CPR & First Aid Instructor. Your manager will then be capable and authorized to train and certify your camp staff--giving you control over your camp’s required safety training. 

Take control of your youth camp’s required safety training!

Lifeguard-Pro is Your Youth Camp Solution


Lifeguard Certification Courses | Lifeguard Instructor Courses | WSI Classes



Learn more about the benefits that Lifeguard-Pro offers your youth camp:


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** Book Your Reservations Early -- We Sell Out Every Year from April 1 to July 15 **


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“World Leader in Water Safety & Rescue”



Nationally Recognized

Lifeguard-Pro is a nationally and internationally recognized lifeguard & water safety instructor certification agency dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide. Lifeguard-Pro services all 50 U.S. states, America's 300 largest cities, and up to 30 countries around the world. Lifeguard-Pro is recognized as a world leader in water safety & rescue.  Our lifeguarding courses and water safety instructor certifications are accepted by U.S. states across the nation and countries around the world.  >>Read More

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